Shengliver’s Note: Ruisheng is a sunny positive boy from Mt Wudang. Although weak in English initially, he has made tremendous improvements in the language, to the credit of his own perseverance. In this entry you will read about a bike ride which happened in his childhood.


One day I decided to bike with my friend to a small mountain. Before I set out, mother warned me that it would not be long before it rained. I retorted, “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.” Annoyed, my mother said nothing.


Riding on the country road in the mountains, we were intoxicated by the picturesque scenery about us. We had a great time along the way, swimming in streams and playing pirates in the bushes. Absorbed in the great fun, we were unaware that the sky was turning overcast.


All of a sudden, my friend exclaimed, “Look at the sky, Ruisheng. How terrible it is! We need to go back in time.” In order not to get caught in the imminent shower, we rode back like crazy.


Unluckily when we were crossing a stream, so fast was I going that I fell off the bike and got hurt. I tried my best to get my friend’s attention, but he did not notice it and went straight on his way. I was left behind. Seeing my friend riding further and further away, I lost heart.


Suddenly it started to pour down. Cold and drenched, I was left stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no one to turn to. At this moment I could not help but remember what my mother had told me before the trip. After some time I managed to limp over to a projecting rock by the roadside and sheltered myself against the rain under it.


After some time, much to my relief, I saw my friend riding back toward me amidst the wind and rain. You cannot imagine how excited I was at the moment. He brought with him an umbrella and some Band-Aids from a shop down the road. First aid was thus applied to the cuts and bruises on my legs and arms. Then he gave me a ride on his bike back seat back to my home. Oh, I should not have complained about him in the first place. I wronged him.


After everything came back to normal, I realised that there is more than meets the eye in this world. What we see may not be true, much less what we hear. Do not jump to a conclusion, my friend.

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