Shengliver’s Note: Thanks to the janitor, the teen writer now goes to great lengths to ensure that her dorm is clean and tidy.


As you know, I live in the dorm. Each dorm building is under the charge of a janitor, who we call Dama. In fact some janitors are not old enough so that we call them aunt. The janitor of our dorm is really disgusting. For some time, our dorm number always appeared on the board outside the building, which meant that we had violated a dorm rule. When that happened, our class director would get to know it immediately. As a punishment, we would be committed to the task of cleaning the classroom week after week.


Sometimes Dama would leave a punitive notice for a weird reason. What impressed me most was that once we found a note on the desk, which went, “Your dustbin should be decorated with a bag. It is so ugly."


As a result of our Dama’s care, we are now more cautious when we clean the dorm in the morning. These days, our neighbouring dorm have been going through the same fate; their dorm number has been put up on the board time and again. All that we can do is express our sympathy to these poor girls.


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