Every Sunday evening before evening classes begin, we have a class meeting, whose topic is put forward by our class director. It is we students who organise the event. Now the weekly fixture has become a feast to us in this last year of high school. In most cases the meetings are educational and thus we can learn from them.


In my opinion delivering a speech to the whole class is enjoyable instead of time-wasting. It is a valuable opportunity to develop your social skills and to help you overcome the shyness you feel when you address an audience. Moreover, isn’t it a pleasure to hear the applause when you finish?


When we were new here two years ago, most of us were so timid that we found we couldn’t speak loud enough to be heard. Having gone through lots of class meetings, a lot of us now can conduct ourselves very well when we speak on the podium. Two years ago speaking at the meeting was a daunting task to many of us. Now we all fight for the turn to speak. At last week’s event, Mr Huang asked our class director to leave him some time so that he could share his thoughts with us. Without any preparation, Mr Huang talked very well. Such a thing could have been unimaginable last year.


By practicing speaking at the weekly class meetings we have improved our speaking skills a lot. Practice is the key to mastery of a skill.


Enjoy speaking.


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