I have been a Grade 3 student for several months. Endless homework and lots of exams have made me breathless.


Last week we took an exam but I did not perform well. When I saw the results, I almost burst into tears. One day I was doing my homework with my mind wandering. I had tried my best, but it still made no difference to my grades. I let out a sigh. Just at that moment I noticed a small note appear on my desk. It was so quick that I even did not find out who put the note there. The message went, “Don’t give up, Xiao Ying. You will be proud of what you have done today.” It was uplifting. I looked around and then I noticed that she was smiling at me. Not until that moment did I realise that I have a good friend who can cheer me up when I am down.


Maybe the exams, even the university entrance exams, will pass quickly but the friendship will always stay in my heart.


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