This school never gives us a chance to take a breath. This week, the teachers came up with a new strategy to organise the weekly exams. Some of us are chosen to go to the self-study rooms to write the papers. Unfortunately I am one of them. They have put too many burdens on us, but they still want more. Many teachers say that what they do is in our interests. In fact what they really care about is the reputation of the school. But the truth is that everyone is different. Consequently you cannot treat different people in the same way. But that is what the teachers are actually doing. Every time their measures do not work well, only we students are to blame.


I think most teachers are also miserable. They do try to help us, but they are doing it in a wrong way. As a result we all feel awful. They spend most of their lives teaching those who hardly appreciate their effort. In fact, many of us do want to express our feelings to them.  However they even do not give us a chance. Once our class director got extremely angry. He shouted at us and then walked out of the classroom. A girl went to his office to apologise. Our class director merely gave her a cold glimpse. Soon afterwards he asked some students, including the girl, to ask their parents to come to the school.


The school is contradicting itself. We all know it clearly, but no one dares to step forward to make a difference.


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