Recently I found out an exciting secret about the canteen.


When we were taking extra classes during the National Day holidays, only the third canteen stayed open. I had no choice but to go and eat there. Normally I do not eat there because the meals served in the canteen are hardly delicious. What puzzles me is that my classmate, Shi Zhan, always chooses to eat at that place. How strange it is!


One morning in the holiday I went to get my meal at one of the counters. I noticed a girl pay 3.7 yuan for a bowl of noodles with a big boiled egg in it. I wondered why the lady did not charge the girl one yuan for the egg. Therefore I ordered the same meal and the lady charged me the same price for it. It was so delightful that the third canteen didn’t charge us for the egg. They were so kind. No wonder that my classmate Shi Zhan always prefers to climb more stairs than to eat in the second canteen.


Life is full of secrets if you look around.


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