As time goes by, there is little time left before I graduate from YYHS. To be honest, the uniform we wear to school every day keeps our body shape out of attention because at first sight we all look alike. The uniform, oversized in most cases, tends to make everyone much slimmer.


It is said that Chinese girls get heavy in high school and become thinner in university. My weight concerns me. Some classmates enjoy making fun of my weight. Although I know they are just joking, keeping fit is really a serious problem for me. When I have finished all my schoolwork and return home, my mother these days encourages me to dance to music and do some physical exercise before I go to bed. I was trained in dancing for eight years, so I thought the dance mother recommended would be a breeze for me. However, I am wrong. Not having danced for two years, I am too weak to finish all the actions at one go. A simple action makes me breathless. It raises my awareness that not only do we have to do well in our lessons but also we need to have a healthy and beautiful body.


I will keep up my dance programme in the weeks ahead. I believe that by the time I graduate I will leave with good marks and a nice body shape as well.


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