This must be the last journal entry, I suppose, so I would like to tell you more about myself.


Firstly, as a regular student, I am not a good one in many teachers’ eyes. I cannot bear too much homework, too many classes and too less free time, so I always end up with the last place on the league tables. However, as a friend, I am not bad, I think. I can do my best to help others and to bond with people around me. For example I taught Mr Yu Chenglin how to swim. Now he can go in water for over 20 metres alone. He could not even move in water before we worked together. Anyway as a swimmer I am the fastest in our class. I swim like a fish. I was born in Danjiangkou, after all. As a painter, I have extraordinary talents and I am really into art. That is why I excel at it. As a fighter I practise an array of techniques, but I do not hurt others. I just fight for play.


I have a colourful life, don’t I?


Ugh, because I am an art student, I will not be able to be together with my classmates here next term. I will go to Wuhan instead. Therefore, Shengliver, could you please give the last speaking turn to me? I have a lot to say.

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