Last week we girls moved to the new dorm. As far as my mates are concerned, it is a good thing, because the new dorm is modern, beautiful and comfortable. In the new dorm, each of us has a desk of our own. Thanks to it, we will not have to go to the reading room for homework. Better still, there is an air conditioner in the room, which we did not have in the former room. Because of it we can sleep well both in summer and winter. Hot water is offered twice a week so that we will not have to fetch water from outside to take a shower or bath.


Despite all the conveniences the new dorm brings to us, I would still prefer the old one. Though the former room is not as impressive as the new one, we have lived there for almost two years. It is just like our home. In the past I could visit my former classmates’ dorm easily on weekends. But now I cannot do it because I do not know where their new dorm is. The new dorm is so white and clean, which means that I need to spend lots of time keeping it clean. It will consume too much time. In contrast, in the past we did not need to spend as much time cleaning the former dorm. I like the old dorm, hot and wet as it is, furnished with no air conditioner, no hot water in the washroom. Sometimes some little creatures like birdies and snakes would visit our dorm, but I did not mind it at all. That is the place where my memories of high school mostly belong.


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