On Saturday evening I was hanging out with my friend. When we passed the People’s Square, we saw a large sign which read: PLEASE DONATE YOUR OLD CLOTHES, SHOES, BOOKS OR BAGS FOR CHILDREN. We also noticed some volunteers working on the old articles that had been collected. Some of the donated articles were very nice; nearly all of them were clean.


After thinking a while I told my friend that I had lots of old clothes, shoes and bags back at home. There was no possibility that I would ever use them again because I had outgrown them. As far as I could remember, they were stacked in the wardrobe, clean and tidy.


Half an hour later I got home. I told mother my idea of giving the old things away to the children who lived in remote villages. Mother was delighted at it. She said that she had been worried that there would be no more room for the clothes I had grown out of. She agreed that it was a good alternative to give them away. Then mother helped me sort them out. When everything was ready and packed, we went to the square and handed the bundle over to the volunteers.


 Shengliver, I am sure that your daughter must have some old stuff that is no longer needed by her. Why not help her give it away to those who need it?


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