Last Friday when I came back to my seat in the classroom Wang Zheng asked me, “Do you have anything to eat, Mengying?” I replied, “Of course not.” He smiled at me and said, “I see. Look in to your drawer.”


Puzzled, I did as instructed. It was a surprise! In my drawer lay a packet of sausages, which looked tempting and delicious. “Is it prepared for me?” I asked. I could not help giggling. Wang Zheng smiled again and encouraged me to eat it at once.


Suspecting the shabby boy might have something up his sleeve, I gave my attention back to my homework. When Xiao Ying was walking in from outside, she began to stare at her desk with an anxious look on her face. “Where are my sausages?” she asked us. I realised that the packet of sausages in my drawer must belong to Xiao Ying rather than to the boy.


“Here you are. It is your sausages,” I replied taking the packet out of my drawer.


“Why is it in your hand?” Xiao Ying asked, surprised and puzzled.


Before I could explain, Wang Zheng, with the same smile on his face, responded, “Oh, she must have stolen your sausages! Why? Is it fun to steal others’ food? What a bad girl!”


What a shabby boy! He was so naughty that I did not know how to deal with him.


That is the reason why I made a little scene just before the English class on Friday evening.


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