Two weeks ago, my cousin came back from Guangdong, where he had been working for a couple of years. He was on his annual leave. It would last for about a month. He came back to the hometown to visit his kith and kin. I supposed that he would have to answer all sorts of questions from those concerned about him: Do you have a girlfriend? When will you get married? How much money do you earn each month?


I happened to come back from school when my cousin was at my home. After a get-together at a restaurant, my cousin and I took a walk in the neighbourhood. We talked a lot about his work, his life and my school life. When the future became our topic, he said, “It’s a responsibility for a real man to make a life for his wife and kid. I hope my wife will not have to work and that she will just stay home and raise our kid. I will not decide on my marriage until I have become strong and successful.” Hearing my cousin, I thought I fancied marrying him at the moment because he was a responsible boy.


I hope every boy takes responsibility for his girlfriend. However, I am aware that it is just wishful thinking.


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