Last week, our class took charge of the whole school again. It was our last chance to have such a tiring but meaningful activity, so I valued it very much.


I took part in a couple of jobs. Mostly I served as a guard, at the dorm entrance in the evening, and at the school gate before afternoon classes. Keeping guard at the school gate was quite memorable. It was so hot at 2 pm. With too much homework to do daily, I had little time to sleep during the lunch break. I had to go to my post at the school gate to welcome in students and teachers. 30 minutes there seemed to be longer than I had imagined. Therefore in my afternoon classes I was so tired and sleepy that my eyes could hardly stay open. However, the moment I saw the class director’s face, I became alert and began to concentrate on his talking. How difficult it was! But I made it in the end.


Tired as I was, I found it was worthwhile. Looking back, I have gained so much from it.


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