Last week it was our class’s turn to manage the school. Our responsibilities were to clean the school twice daily and to help the administrators with daily routines of running the school.


Having done the job last term, we found it was easier to do it this time. A side benefit was that I could go out for a meal without having to ask the class director for leave. Many of us were responsible, Mr Hu, for example. However, in this entry I will condemn those who were selfish in our class. They stayed in the classroom while others were cleaning the school. Their excuse was that there were plenty of hands doing the job and that they had too much homework to do. Someone might believe they were diligent because they spent every minute of their time on their schoolwork. In my opinion, however, they were just self-centred. How could they have left their share of the job to others? Why should others have done it for them? I have no clue as to why they did not join us in the cleaning. The truth was that we all had homework to do and that nobody would ignore their homework. Who on earth do they think they are?


Many classmates have complained about those lazybones, but I would not point them out. What I have learned is that they are not worth making friends with and that they are not guys you can reply on.


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