Last week I heard Zici speak about love in the rain. It revived my memory of my primary school friend.


Tom, my friend, was at the top of our class. One day, unexpectedly he got the worst grade ever in exams. So angry did he feel that he sat alone on the steps tearing at the paper.


Noticing him doing that from behind, I went over to the steps. I silently watched him tearing the paper into pieces. When he finished, he said to me, “If I had been more careful, I would not be regretful now.” I tried to comfort him, but in vain.


To help him out of the blues, I suggested we climb to the top of our favourite mountain, from where we could have a fantastic view of the country. He agreed. Standing on the very summit, we saw the great river zigzagging among the mountains. It did not flow in a straight line. Where it was blocked, either it ran around or it cut the block through by centuries of erosion. I said to Tom, “Don’t you think our life is like the river? Nothing can stop us from progressing as long as we have a goal ahead. We can circumvent a barrier or surmount it.”


Hearing my words, Tom smiled. He said that he would prepare more for the next exam. Right at the moment it started to rain. Lord, it came out of the blue, and it was a downpour. Tom advised that we take shelter under a rock. I said, “Come on, Tom. Let’s run in the rain. Now that you will get good grades regardless of the difficulties, why not beat this rain first?” He smiled and we ran together through the wind and rain, happily and firmly, as if we were heading to our final destination.


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