The story about Susan, whose face seems to be smiling all the time, left a deep impression on me. Her secret is this: She has learned that there is little she can do in her life that will make her truly happy. In fact, I could not understand what she said in the beginning. But upon reflecting upon my own life, I remember how I thought watching a movie or playing a computer game would make me happy, but it did not.


Sometimes I was just unwilling to do my homework. So I had to do something for fun, such as watching TV. But to be honest, those entertainments contributed few joys to my life. What’s more, doing homework is often not as boring as I used to think. It sounds weird, but it is a fact.


However, instead of studying on the weekends, I am always abandoning myself to playing, even though I am aware what I should be doing. This relapse into the old habit makes me feel guilty.


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