In China teenagers are considered as flowers of the nation. It was not until an accident happened to me that I fully comprehended it.


One day during the winter holidays I decided to go out for a better mood. I borrowed my cousin’s electric moped and set out on it. I enjoyed such a ride and had done it many times before. Confident about my skills, I did not expect anything unusual. But things turned out in a different way. On the way back after an hour’s ride around, I bumped into a black limousine on Zhongyue Street. That I had wanted to go faster resulted in the accident. I was to blame, but the impact was so small that everyone involved was all right.


However, an accident of this nature normally will turn into a big affair, with both parties blaming each other, involving lots of finger pointing and name calling. There are a lot of reports of it on Chinese media. I was worried that I would be in trouble this time. As I expected, the driver of the car got out and examined his vehicle carefully. Though he did not detect any damage, not even a dent, he made a fuss yelling, “Boy, call your parents and ask them to come.” His words panicked me and I was at a loss as to what to do next. Just at the moment four elderly man turned up and looked on. One of them said to the driver, “Young man, your car is all right. Why not let the boy go? After all you do not need to get rich through it. Everyone is supposed to have mercy. The boy is only a student, man.”


Hearing all that, the man was about to retort when his wife, a kind-looking woman, stopped him and persuaded him to give up.


I felt very lucky as the car pulled away. I thanked the elderly folks. They warned me, “Boy, do not come out alone. Do be careful next time. People these days are not as kind as you might believe.”


I felt warm at their kindness. As I was leaving, I said to them, “Thanks a lot. Your kindness will be repaid.”


What if I had been an adult then? They might not have helped me and I would have been in serious trouble. Even today I still appreciate what the four elderly men did at the scene. When I ride a moped again, I am extra careful.


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