Shengliver’s Note: Rarely did I hear a good word said about the ruling political party. But in this entry the teen writer has a lot of good words to say about the CPC. I hope this entry will not be deleted for the reason that it touches on politics. Let’s wait and see.


This term’s student party school classes have ended. I am glad to have been one of the students.


When I was in Grade 1, I was stupid enough to reject an opportunity to participate in the programme. Only after I went through it this year did I come to realise how beneficial it is.


In the two-month classes, we met some school administrators that we had never met before. They made careful preparations for the lectures, through which we learned what the Communist Party of China is and why it leads the nation. What impressed me most was that one of the school vice principals told me that we should be devoted to the party. If you have other minds, you have no qualifications for the membership.


Now many Chinese officials do not treasure their privilege. They instead abuse it. Many ordinary people who wish to change the city for the better or to improve their livelihood have no means to achieve it. What if every Chinese official used the public resources for the common good and loved the citizens the way they love their family?


The programme has changed my previous thoughts thoroughly. A good student should not only be careful with his study but also love his motherland deeply.


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