In this entry I will talk about my May Day holidays.


The first night home I went to bed at about eleven and had a good sleep, which was really rare for me, since I had not had a good sleep for about a week. The first day I tried my best to relax. In the morning, I chatted with my family and did a little homework. In the afternoon my best friend Xin came over to my home. We had great fun watching a movie together. While watching the movie, we compared notes on our school lives. Though we are not in the same school, we are still in touch. As a matter of fact, we were not even in the same middle school, either. Our friendship dates back to the primary school days when Xin and I were classmates. As you can see, we have been friends for up to eight years. Having finished a big dinner with Xin, I accompanied her to the bus stop near my home. In the evening I started doing my homework at about 21.30 and stayed up until 3 am. That is exactly why I am feeling so drowsy now while penning the journal entry, Shengliver. That’s all.


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