On May 1, I had an unlucky experience, but I ended up feeling much luckier than I was.


After three afternoon lessons, I left the school hurriedly to catch the bus. The traffic was so busy then, and all the buses were jam-packed with passengers so that I could not get on one in the beginning. It could not have been more difficult for me to finally squeeze onto a bus. After arriving at Yunxian, I took a taxi to the coach station, hoping that I would not miss the last bus to my hometown Nanhua. I reached there only to find that the last one had gone 10 minutes before. Then I had no alternative but to walk to my aunt’s, where I would have to stay the night. Something worse met me: their home was locked. A woman next door told me that they had left earlier in the afternoon. I had no idea what to do. And I did not have a phone to give them a call. Then I asked the woman if I could use her phone. She was kind enough to let me use it. This way I learned that they were actually in Shiyan at the time. I decided to return to my school, but my aunt reassured me, “I will be back in a couple of hours. Do not go anywhere so that I can find you when I am back.”


After the call I stood there waiting for them. However, they still did not return after what seemed like several hours. By 9.30 it was dark and all the street lights were on. Tired, I decided to abort the trip home and return to my school. But there was no way I could tell them that I had changed my mind. In the nick of time I happened upon a good friend of mine, who had had exactly the same experience as I. His relative had not been home when he got there. After a chat, we came back to the school together. On the bus, I called my aunt on my friend’s phone and let her know it.


It was a rotten experience as far as my trip home was concerned. Otherwise, it turned out much better than I could have imagined. Without the woman’s help I would not have known where my aunt was. Had I not encountered my friend at the last minute, I would have had to come back to the school alone and miserable.

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