Having been invited by a family friend, my family went to a restaurant this weekend. My mother told me that I could eat as much as possible, because it was buffet style. However much you might eat you would pay the same price. I did not quite agree. I thought I was a gentleman. I should not eat like a starveling just released from prison. When it was time to eat, I found there were all kinds of dishes served on the counters. Not being greedy, I ate what I liked and I just took what I needed. However, my parents got a lot on their plates. After dinner I felt quite contented, neither too full nor too hungry. But my parents gorged themselves on what was on their plates. They ended up with bellyaches later that evening. They suffered a lot from indigestion.


Therefore we should manage our desire. Only that way can we live a good life. Greed would ruin you.

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