Shengliver’s Note: Teen Xiao Ying found holidays a time killer.


We got two days off for the May Day holidays. I could not have been happier to go home. When I arrived, my mother and father had prepared a big dinner for me. I felt the warmth of home again. The downside, however, was that at my home, there were so many distractions that I could not do any homework. Hardly had I lain down on the sofa when I started playing computer games and turned my phone on. Thus a whole day was spent on games. When the clock struck 10, I found I had not done any homework yet. Thinking of the deadline and my teachers’ faces, I made up my mind to come to grips with the papers no matter what. I stayed up doing my homework until 3 am. When I was too sleepy to go on, I went to bed.


I bitterly regret having played games all day on May 1. Now I am afraid of having holidays.


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