We had a two-day holiday at the beginning of May. In fact I could have gone home, but I did not want to.


Before the holiday, my mother called me up and asked me to go back. I refused and stayed at school instead. Every time I go home, I will play my favourite games all night. My homework will end up undone. The next day, dog tired, I will be unwilling to go back to school. It thus has a minus effect on my study. So this time I chose school over home. In the day I went to do my work in the reading room, where it was quiet. I found I did my work so fast in the noiseless environment that I could not believe it. On Friday afternoon I played basketball with some of my mates who chose to stay on campus. The time on the court was really exciting. Sweating did not exhaust me; rather, it refreshed me. There was one thing I did not like very much about staying on campus, though: doing the laundry was hard for me. But I made it in the end.


This holiday experience helps me realise that self-discipline is the key to an orderly life. Saying no to what you like is hard but without it you would find yourself in a chaotic world. Abandoning yourself to your desires, you would wake up to the fact that all the other aspects of your life had spun out of control.


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