He was my middle school class president. He was my friend as well.


I still remember the first day when I came to the middle school. My class director chose a boy to be our president. There was nothing extraordinary about the boy, and his grades were just so-so in our class. How could he be chosen as our president? Besides, the way he behaved made me distrust him in the beginning.


I changed my opinion, however, after one incident. One day after school I was asked to go to the teacher’s office, where my teacher had a lengthy talk with me. When I walked out of the office, it had turned dark. I looked down at my watch. It was already 8 pm. I usually got home by 7. Dejected after the talk in the teacher’s office, I walked slowly home. Suddenly I found someone standing out there at a corner waiting for me. It was our president. I felt strange and asked him, “Why in the world are you still here?” He said, “I was waiting for you, Yulei. The classroom is locked. I am worried that you did not take along your homework. I have the key.” Hearing his words, I knew something deep down in my heart was touched. I said to him, “Thanks, you are so kind.”


Gradually my attitude to him changed. We end up the best friends forever.


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