Shengliver’s Note: Is there kissing and hugging on campus? Yes, there is.


One evening I went to the art teacher’s office to collect my painting tools. As you know, the art teacher’s office in the library, there are no classrooms on the floor where the office is located. It was rather dark as I stepped into the corridor that evening. I had to adjust my eyes to see my way around.


I was walking to the office when I saw a boy and a girl hugging and kissing each other passionately in a dark corner. To be honest, it really made me sick to see them so intimate on campus. At my appearance at the scene the two got startled. They probably took me for a teacher initially. They were ready to exit the place when they saw I was a student. Then their necking and hugging resumed.


After collecting my kit from the office, I chose another way to leave lest I should see them again. Over the years I have met a lot of couples in our school, but none of them could compare with this pair. I do not know the reason, but they really disgusted me.


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