Shengliver’s Note: Yajuan the teen was impressed by a kind shopkeeper.


Yesterday evening I walked down Jiangsu Road after school. When I was nearing the bus shelter, I found there was a shop in the corner selling lingerie. I popped in for a look. There were so many kinds of underwear on sale in the shop, and most articles were so beautiful. I chose one piece for myself. Then I decided to get a piece for my mother. Not knowing what size mother wore, I turned to the shopkeeper for help. The shopkeeper was about 25 years old. When I was communicating with her, I found she had some difficulty getting me. It seemed that she could not speak clearly and that she could not hear me well either. Through gestures we managed to go along. I learned that her shop was pretty new on the road and that it would not be long before she had to close it down. I guessed that she is probably from another province. She is definitely not a Shiyan native.


So kind was the lady that she helped me to decide on the right size and style for mother’s piece. I liked it when she was being patient and considerate.


This is the first time we have met, and maybe the last time as well. I will perhaps forget about her soon, but I pray that the lady will live a good life wherever she might end up.


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