Shengliver’s Note: Zici the teen is reflecting on her life in this entry.


To be honest, if one person doesn’t finish her task perfectly, everything else will go wrong.


Last year I failed in a series of exams. Everything went wrong as a consequence. I often argued with my best friend, the one whom you saw me have meals with. Meanwhile, my parents were always losing temper with me at home. As a result I would end up quarrelling with one of them. When I was fighting verbally with one parent, the other would keep silent and listen carefully.


Actually when I am quarrelling with my mother, sometimes my father will play jokes on her, saying she is getting over excited. Then my mother will get annoyed. Once she is roused, she will become a machine gun and shoot constantly, indiscriminately. No one will able to cut in because she just simply does not stop and listen. In this case, humans had better shut up. Her eruption will last at least one to two quarters.


I think I should try and live an easier life in this world.

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