Shengliver’s Note: Siyu the teen is basking in the love of her family.


I think I have a strange father. During the parents’ meeting on the sports field on Saturday afternoon, I found my father just wandering here and there instead of paying close attention to the speakers. It was the same when the meeting was taking place later on in the classroom, where he did not stop browsing through the dictionary on my desk until the meeting came to an end. What was stranger was that he decided to go to the movies with me after the teacher-parent conference. When we walked out of the teaching building, however, rain started to pour down. We had no choice but to find a shelter near the campus. We still got totally wet. After some time my mother came over. She brought with her two umbrellas. She and my father shared one, and I used the other. They were so close under the umbrella as if they were lovers. I had to walk behind them though I did not want to. Looking at them walking together, I hoped they could be such a happy couple permanently.


I love my eccentric but lovely family.


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