Shengliver’s Note: Xinyue did a good job.


Last week’s teacher-parent meeting was a great success for me because I was the hostess.


Several days before the meeting I stayed up to prepare for the meeting. It was the first time that I had made PPT presentation on my own. I found the most difficult thing when I was making the PPT ware was to match the text colour with the pictures. I also had to consider what fonts should be adopted and whether the font was of a right size and colour. All in all I appreciated having the experience because through it I learned a new skill.


When the class director asked me whether I could do well at the meeting, I said, “Of course, I can.” But in fact I was struggling with myself mentally. What if I failed?


Through my mother’s encouragement, I came over the difficulties and did a great job. My father, who attended the event, said that I had stayed calm and confident throughout the presentation. He was proud of me from the bottom of his heart.


Sometimes addressing an audience is daunting to most of us including me. From my hosting experience I have learned to rise to a challenge. I hope that I can be more confident in my study and in my life.

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