Shengliver’s Note: The writer Jianglin was excited at the meeting.


Last Thursday morning, Xiaoqi and I attended an unforgettable meeting. It was my honour to be given a chance to represent our class at the gathering. Excitement and worry filled my mind before the event. A typical American in my mind has curly blonde hair, blue eyes and a white face. Americans also have perfect bodies and gentle voices. What do they really look like? What will they be talking about at the gathering? I was really curious about the answers to the questions on my mind.


With the minutes ticking away, I took a deep breath and held the pen tightly. After 10 minutes’ wait, three foreigners walked into the hall smiling. One of them was the principal of Montery High School California. The others were teachers from the school. To be honest, it was hard for me to believe what was going on. It was the first time I had met Americans in the flesh at such a short distance.


The principal, an elegant energetic lady, introduced their school to us. Their school is totally different from a Chinese high school. In my opinion, students over there can grow better and happier. They are under less pressure than we are. In a word, education in America is in many ways wiser than that in China. Although China has become much stronger than before, there is still a wide gap between the two countries. Now being an American is a proud thing, because the USA is No 1 in many fields. I hope one day we Chinese can be held in the same regard as the Americans.


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