Shengliver’s Note: The pet was more than an animal.


This weekend I gave my parents a phone call. My mother answered it. It seemed that I was very happy to talk with my mother. After we were some time into the conversation, mother told me that our little dog was gone. “Oh, my God. What’s the matter?” I asked. My mother said that the dog probably ended up on someone’s plate or in their soup bowl. While saying it, my mother tried to sound calm, but I felt the sadness in her tone. Though the animal had been a member of our family for about six months, it helped us a lot. Every time my mother came back from the food market, the little dog would greet her by waving its tail like crazy. It kept mother company when father was absent at work. The loss was too cruel to my mother, because the dog was more than a dog. It was a best friend or a close relative. I asked mother whether she would raise another pet. She said no. I thought she was too sad to adopt a new one.

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