Shengliver’s Note: Huayang, a city teen, celebrated his Spring Festival in the country.


I had a great time during the Spring Festival with my brother and my cousin in my father’s hometown. My brother is younger than me and my cousin is my uncle’s daughter. The whole family stayed in Maota for the Chinese festival.


My brother and my cousin are almost the same age, so they played together all the time. They ran everywhere. When they were tired, they played with the family pigs.


The pigs were raised by my grandfather. Most of the time the animals were sleeping at their stys. My brother and my cousin went over and woke them up. Then they drove them around in the yard. The pigs had no choice but to leave their warm home and venture into the cold. Luckily my brother and my cousin fed the pigs a lot. I guess the animals were both angry and happy.


My cousin looks very pretty, which makes me proud of her.


The Spring Festival is indeed a great occasion, when family members and relatives get together.


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