Shengliver’s Note: Miss Gan Xue turned to a complete stranger for help and it worked.


On Sunday I went to Sanyan to visit my uncle. After a big meal at his home, I had to return to get my homework done.


When I arrived at the bus shelter, I found I was in trouble. That I had left my purse and IC card back at home really embarrassed me. What was worse, it was not convenient for my mother to come and pick me up. After a while I tried to ask for help from a girl near me. She was a complete stranger. I explained what had happened before I asked if she could loan me one yuan for the bus fare. She said it was no big deal, flashing me a big smile. A few minutes later, the bus arrived. Before I boarded the bus, I turned around and said to the girl, “Thanks a million.”


It was so warm an experience that I gained from it a new perspective on life. All of us might run into trouble someday. If we could help those in trouble, our community would be full of happiness.


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