Shengliver’s Note: Yaxin the writer is a fighter.


Life can be very difficult sometimes, in particular when you have tried your best but it does not pay off.


At such times, we should persist in trying and be prepared to meet the challenges. With a strong will and preparedness, we will overcome the difficulties that come in our way. Everything will turn out fine. If we want light, we must conquer darkness first. At the moment we must conquer the darkness which prevents us from seeing the upward way.


Sometimes I get tired and want to give it up. Whenever the thought arises, I think of my idol, an actress called Yang Mi. She is industrious. Before she made it, she practised performing until 3 am. It is said that there was a time when she was acting simultaneously in three shows, Gong, Hong Lou Meng, and Xian Jian 3. She slept about 10 hours over a span of three months. And there was a time when she collapsed 3 times a day. Her strong will, rather than her beautiful looks, impresses me deeply. Whenever I think of Yang Mi, nothing in my work becomes unbeatable. I will cheer up and fight on.


I won’t give up whatever obstacles might lie ahead or however bad my grades might be currently. I will fight on, until the end of the game.


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