Shengliver’s Note: The couple opened the writer’s eyes.


Several months ago I came across a special couple on the bus in my hometown Mt Wudang.


That day my father took my friend and me to the bus station in his car so that we could get seats on the bus. When I got on board, I found that in the last row sat a couple, who were carrying a lot of baggage along. We decided to sit down next to them. After I was seated, I heard them talking about Mt Wudang and discussing where they would go next on their journey. To satisfy our curiosity, my friend and I struck a conversation with them. We learned that they were from Beijing and that they planned to travel round the world. By then they had visited America and Europe. My friend and I were incredulous. They looked over 50 years old but they still travelled for their dream.


When we parted, looking at them going farther away, I could not but admire them for chasing their dream despite their age.


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