Shengliver’s Note: The writer ventured to the singing contest and she does not regret it despite the teacher’s telling-off.


This Wednesday, the final round of the annual singing contest was scheduled to take place in our school. The top ten singers would come out of it. Each class was given four tickets. I thought that if I did not go to attend the contest, there would not be such a chance in the remaining terms of high school. Therefore I decided to grab a ticket. To my surprise, two other girls, Yuke and Bingqian, wanted to go too. They had even booked their tickets several days before!


Luckily, Jianglin, my deskmate, was the art monitor in our class, so that I got a ticket from her in time. At around 5.30 pm, we three went to the Second Lecture Theatre, full of excitement and anticipation. Having chosen our seats, from where we could have a good sight of the stage, we could not wait for the contest to start.


After a while, the curtain went up. The audience were in high spirits throughout. Zhang Shuchen managed to enter the final contest but he did not shine. To our shock, we also saw Wang Zheng, Han Yanhui and Lei Siyuan seated among the audience enjoying the show. Since each class had access to only four tickets, I was wondering how it was that two of them had managed to get theirs.


It is time to come to the point. At the competition we heard great songs and saw handsome boys and lovely girls. On the whole I enjoyed the contest. We were all satisfied with it. Hardly had the curtain come down when we started for our classroom in order to get back to finish our homework. Bingqian, glancing at her watch, said, “It is just 7.05, girls. We still have plenty of time. Don’t hurry.” When we reached the classroom leisurely, however, we found the four boys planted at the door. Something bad must have happened. They told us that Mr Yu, our class director, did not allow them to enter the room. I felt puzzled. Why? We had just spent some self-study time attending the competition and we had tickets!


At that moment, Mr Yu came out, glaring at us. Wang and Han admitted getting tickets from other classes. Mr Yu, having abused us for quite a while, ordered us to show our homework to him the next morning. I kept being angry until I found it was already 8.20 pm! Bingqian’s watch was one hour slow!


By and large, the experience is not bad because there is more happiness than sadness coming out of it. I believe the memorable night will bring me more surprises in the future! Wait and see.


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