Shengliver’s Note: The Chinese teen is traumatised by the way the family pig was slaughtered.


Last Sunday I returned to my hometown with my parents. The reason why we had to get back was that my grandparents would have their pig killed. Killing the family animal for the Spring Festival has been an age-old custom in rural China. Before we set off from the city, I was curious about the scene where the pig would be killed. I could not imagine how I would react when I saw it.


Then I saw it. Oh, my God. I could not use words to describe the sad scene. The butcher hooked the pig by the mouth. It was a sharp curved thing. The knife was stabbed into the neck. Blood gushed out! I had sympathy for this unlucky creature. It took ages for my pounding heart to calm down after the creature gradually stopped squealing. But I could not help recalling the scene before I fell asleep that night. And the pig appeared in my dreams.


My parents told me that next year I would have to help them kill a pig for the Spring Festival. It shocked me. Could I possibly do it?


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