Shengliver’s Note: The writer respects the cooks and dinner ladies who serve the student population at the canteen.


In my opinion, no matter how bad we might feel about the meals in the canteen, we are not expected to complain about the cooks and dinner ladies, who make the canteen run almost every day.


None of us do not feel that some meals served at the canteen are too awful to eat. Some of us always think that the cooks and dinner ladies are irresponsible. And we complain about the speed at which meals are served. We are always yelling, “Why cannot you be faster?” What’s more, we are not satisfied with the attitude of the workers. Many believe they are too rude.


But do you ever think about the difficulties they deal with on a daily basis? They get up very early to make thousands of pieces of food, including yours and mine. Washing the vegetables in freezing water is certainly not what you and I would bother to do. And at mealtimes, they cannot stop to have a rest. They are rushed off their feet filling our orders. The truth is that they are more tired than we are. And they eat their own meals after all the students have been served. And so on.


We should not take their efforts for granted. They deserve our respect and gratitude!


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