Shengliver’s Note: Why did the writer’s parents bother to send her far away from them?


Last week we had two days off. It was almost three months since I had got reunited with my family last time. I missed my parents like hell. So I decided to go home this time.


After a two-hour bus ride, I eventually got home. When I saw my parents, I was so happy that I could not find words to describe how I was feeling at the moment. Parents are the people closest to our heart. For my homecoming trip, my mother did a lot of delicious dishes. All of a sudden I realised that the happiest thing in the world is staying with our family.


Since staying with them felt so good, I wanted to ask them why they had gone to such great lengths to send me to YYHS, a school which is further away from home than the County High. In fact I had asked them before. Mother simply said, “I want you to get a good education. I want you to see the world beyond your hometown. I want you to walk a better way. I want you to become brave and independent.”


Turning over my mother’s words in my mind, I came to realise that no matter what our parents do for us, they only want us to be good and live a better life. No matter what might come about ahead on the way, we only need to understand: Parents are the people in the world who love us the most.


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