Shengliver’s Note: The teacher could never have imagined that his good intention had killed a boy’s dream of becoming a teacher.


When I was young I dreamed of being a teacher in the future. What kept me from making a decision to be a teacher was a chance that my English teacher gave me in middle school. He let me teach my classmates a lesson one day.


It made me very excited when the teacher announced the decision. In order not to let my dear teacher down, I worked out a detailed program. It was because I put so much thought into the program that I could not fall asleep until after midnight the day before the lesson.


The next day, my English teacher asked me to go to his office. Actually he had already worked out a plan. Only then did I realise that I needn’t have prepared so much for it. So fast did my teacher give his instructions in his office that I did not understand him very well. But he was confident that I had absorbed all he had said.


It was the first time that I had ever taught others formally. You can’t imagine how nervous I was, Shengliver. Deep down, I was not so sure that I would deliver the lesson as my teacher had planned.


There I went. I started off the lesson, only to find all the points that my teacher had tried to jam into my head in his office were forgotten. My mind went all blank. I would rather my teacher had picked another boy or girl instead of me. At the back of the room sat my dear master, glaring at me. I had no choice but to go as well as I could manage. During the teaching process, I realised that the reason why a teacher is angry with his students is that no matter how many times he teaches, they still cannot learn it.


This experience of mine not only made me feel it impossible to be a teacher, but also made me aware how difficult and tiring being a teacher is.


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  1. Patrick
    Jan 25, 2015 @ 10:49:47

    Dear Shengliver: I learned your blog from prof. Y.C.Fu. He was our neighbor downstair when I grew up. My father is the Mr. Jin Jiucheng 靳久誠, who Mr. Leng asked you about when you visited him.
    Mr. Fu share your emails with my dad and I read them to him (his eyesight is bad at the age of 94). He also recalled every little details in his youths. Please email me and I think there are much to talk about.
    Patrick Chin 靳宗培


    • shengliver
      Jan 26, 2015 @ 08:21:58

      Dear Mr Jin,

      Great to hear from you. Encountering Professor Fu in 2014 has been a blessing to me. Thanks to him, I have come to know Mr Leng. I leafed through the books Mr Leng gave me on the visit. There are some letters in it which your father wrote to him. Of course I hope to learn about their life stories more. When I think of their ages, I do think that it matters very much to communicate more with them. Of all the people in a 1943 photo, Mr Fu is the only soul that is still alive.

      Hopefully Mr Leng has contacted your father and Mr Fu online personally. Technology has made it so easy today.

      If you please, let’s keep our communication going. You could write in English. Of course, Chinese is OK, too.

      I read your comment this morning. Thanks for writing on the blog.

      I wish you and your family all the best.



      Shengliver Everywhere


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