Shengliver’s Note: In this entry a Chinese teen reflects on her life when the New Year is upon us.


How times flies! It has been one and a half year since I joined the school. In the one and a half years, my study did not improve, but I have become much maturer than before. However, my parents have become older. When I stand side by side with my mum, I think she has become shorter. My dad drives me to and from school on a daily basis. What I remember best of him is his back because we usually do not talk to each other very much. I know they really love me, and I love them too. But I haven’t got good grades. I am in great embarrassment.


My biggest dream is to be a top student and that when I become an adult, I will earn more and more money to buy good things for my parents. I will not get married, I will live with my parents, and I will keep company with them until they die. After that I will travel the world.


Right now I will care about the people and things around me. I will watch the sun rise and set every day. I will gaze at the starry sky to find out which star is my granddad, which is my grandma, and which is my rabbit. This way I will keep the best memories of my childhood in my heart.


How times flies! I have lived roughly a quarter of my whole life. But I haven’t made my life shine.


So I will have to change, like the boy Huang Xiaofeng. I will work hard, for myself, and for those who care so much about me.


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