Shengliver’s Note: Teen Feng Yuan reports on Student Union taking action to stop the shop from selling bad foods.


One day last week, President of YYHS Student Union, together with some members of the organisation, walked into the school shop for inspection of the merchandise on sale, where most students buy their daily necessaries.


Since this shop owner took over, many students have suffered from illness due to the foods sold in the shop. A lot of students complained to the school authorities. Unluckily no measure has been taken on their side.


It was not until the 2014 YYHS Student Union was established that things started to change. On this inspection trip, the president took photos of the goods that were still on sale beyond their shelf life. With the evidence in the president’s hand, the shop owner was very much afraid because he and his employees had done many bad things. In the end he had no choice but to pledge that they would display the prices clearly on the tags and that they would never ever sell bad foods again.


Good job, Student Union.

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