Shengliver’s Note: Is the writer a male or a female, my reader?


Handsome is he who does handsomely.


Not until I got to know him deeper did I realise how handsome he is, Shengliver. Do you remember our hiking trip to Cherry Vale Village? That was the beginning of my story. After the hike, I just felt exhausted and helpless. No one stayed with me, and no one talked with me at that time. Then I came across him when I was waiting for the No 16 Bus at the bus stop. Dad Han was squatting down by the road. I came over to him and gave a slap on his backpack. He smiled and talked to me. It happened that both of us were waiting for the No 16 Bus. When finally there came a bus jammed with passengers, I asked him, “Do you want to get on the bus?” “No, there are too many people in it. I would prefer to take a taxi. Would you share a ride with me?” he said.


“But I have only some change for the bus fare,” I said, disappointed.


“No worries, I could pay for you,” Dad Han said.


Both of us smiled. Finally a taxi took both of us home. It was very kind of him, I thought.


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