Shengliver’s Note: You will read about a teen’s reaction to the newly-installed heating system in the residence halls. Never before have the boys and girls at YYHS enjoyed such a warm environment in the dorms.


Last Thursday, when I came back to the dorm, I felt it much warmer than before inside. I appreciated the fact that our dorm had been improved a lot. Compared with last year, it was so warm this winter. Thanks to the comfort, we have better sleep at night so that we can learn well the next day. This weekend, hot water was also available in the shower in each dorm. In future we can take a warm and comfortable shower where we sleep. We won’t need to go out and use the communal bath, which is some distance away from our hall. My school has put a lot of money and resources into bettering the dorms. Sheltered from freezing weather, we are made to feel at home in the school. I believe that I will be less homesick to the credit of the upgraded facilities.


Thanks, my dear school. I will work harder.


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