Shengliver’s Note: Chen Yulin the teen used to go home every weekend. Unfinished homework forced him to change his way of life. Since the beginning of the term, he has stopped going home every weekend. Instead, he stays on campus and discovers new ways of being.


Part 1


This time I will talk about my weekend. This weekend I did not go home. Instead I chose to stay on campus.


From the very beginning, I thought my weekend here in the school would be just a bore. I could not use my mobile phone, watch TV, play my favourite computer games, or even listen to music. But the fact was that my weekend turned out to be pretty good.


On Saturday evening I did my homework in the reading room. To my surprise, it took me only three hours to get everything sorted out. If I had been home, I could not have finished it in such a short time.


On Sunday morning, I slept well enough to get up early. After breakfast I reviewed my lessons and played Ping-Pong with my classmates.


But not everything was so good. The meals in the canteen were a let-down. If only I could have had some meat in the school on Sunday!


Part 2


This weekend I still chose to stay at school. After lessons on Saturday afternoon, I went to the bookshop to get a novel. But when I went up to the checkout, I found my wallet missing. So worried was I that I looked over all my pockets but it was nowhere to be found. Just at this moment, a girl shopper nearby said to me, “Boy, is that yours?” I glanced in the direction that she was pointing, and found it was none other than my dear wallet. Oh, instantly I felt a weight taken off my mind. To show my appreciation, I offered to pay for her book, but she refused. What a kind girl!


When I went to the dorm, the room was warm thanks to the newly-installed heating system. I had planned to go and do my homework in the reading room, but I gave up the idea. I started to read my book in bed right in the dorm. While I was reading, an idea dawned upon me. How foolish I had been before! I had always thought reading was boring and a waste of time. But this evening I got such a lot of pleasure from just reading a simple book. Had I not got addicted to video games, I would have read more and my writing skills would be great now.


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