Shengliver’s Note: Mr Lu’s classmate is amazed by his change.


Lu Chao is not what he used to be. He was really a bad egg in the past, but now he is totally different.


Not so long ago, he was still a lazy boy. He never did his English homework. In fact he did not do any other homework seriously either. After lunch every day he would say, “I’m so sleepy and tired that I have to take a nap first. I will finish my homework after I wake up.” Then he would sleep like a hog for one hour and a half. But every time he woke up, the homework had been collected and handed in. In the evening he usually watched TV for one hour.


Now great changes have taken place. Hardly can you imagine how studious this boy is now. He previews the lessons every day and often finishes his homework ahead of schedule. He does not sleep a wink during the lunch break. Every evening he spends one hour or more studying instead of on TV. What surprises me most is that he really devotes himself to learning English, the subject he used to hate from the bottom of his heart. Though still poor at the language, he tries to make it up by doing more work. Obviously he has improved miles.


Do you think whether Mr Lu will become the top student in our class or even in our school soon?


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