Shengliver in SV FX Shengliver’s Garden is a blog maintained by Shengliver. He is a blogger based in Hubei, China. On his agenda are issues of Chinese education, Chinese teenagers, and teaching and learning English in the Chinese context. The blog, written in English, is updated every Monday. Shengliver teaches the English language in high school.


Shengliver’s Garden was born on the MSN spaces in 2005. It kept growing there until October 2010, when the Microsoft Network decided to scrap their blogging service. Users of the MSN spaces were offered an option to transfer their articles to a world-leading blogging site wordpress.com. As with most MSN spaces, Shengliver’s Garden has been up and running on wordpress.com since October 2010. Its permanent web link is https://shengliver.wordpress.com


The contents of Shengliver’s Garden are open and free. Readers are welcome to read or quote any entry, and comment on it. However, exploiting the contents for commercial purposes is prohibited. Please give credit to Shengliver’s Garden if you quote or link to any part of it.


The ideas are Shengliver’s. They have nothing to do with his family, colleagues, or workplace. Some images are collected on the web via search engines Google and Baidu. If your rights are infringed, please leave a message on the site, or write to shengliver@hotmail.com. Action shall be taken in due course.


A little bit of patience, and Shengliver’s Garden will not let you down. Hopefully you can catch a glimpse of contemporary Chinese society through the entries of the blog. Shengliver’s perspectives may help balance your picture of China.


Besides running this blog, Shengliver is also a volunteer speaker of English on the Web. Time permitting, he is active around 11 hours GMT / 19 hours Beijing time at three English speaking places on Sina Show: the English Corner, Primary Oral English, and the English Debating Room.


To access Sina Show chat rooms, a user will have to download the application Sina Show and set it up on his computer. All its functionality, registration included, is provided gratis, and the communities are well moderated, free of porn and other undesirable stuff. A clean virtual environment like Sina Show is a rarity globally.


If you are in China and want to practise your English speaking skills, the English speaking places on Sina Show are a nice place to be. If you are outside China and interested in the present-day way of life in China, the Chinese language chat rooms will give you a peep at it. Of course, if you are learning Chinese, then you will find loads of partners to talk with in most of its groups. Welcome to join in on Sina Show.


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