Dear Ms Chen,


I did keep my word, but I cannot answer all the mail I have got. Since you are graduated, it is time for me to sever ties with the former students and to look ahead.


Holiday is for you to play hard. Do not feel any guilty about it. A wise teenager, however, would set aside some time a day for learning and thinking. TV and Internet do not distract you. The point is that you could not settle down for some serious stuff. TV could be used for learning; and if you find it annoying, simply turn it off. The Internet helps you access the world. Yes, for a lot of teens, the computer is a game box, a music player or a theatre. But do you remember I told you that my computer is a library?


A nice way to learn English in the holiday is to read an online newspaper from the UK or the USA. You might find the articles daunting in the beginning. With a dictionary at hand, it is possible to read a news article from an English newspaper a day. By the time holiday ends and college begins, you may well have read over 50 news stories. The words and expressions you have learned in them and the knowledge they contain of British society or American society will give you a big hand with college English, which you are to embark upon this autumn.


Forget about the college English test. You will have plenty of time for that in the four years to come. Doing some pleasure reading is far more beneficial than reading a test book right now.


It is time that you left behind high school and got prepared for uni. Do not expect that your parents and teachers will still help you as much as before. You will have to make your own decisions and go independent gradually.


I am enjoying my vacation to the full. We have a long and relaxing holiday every three years. Three years ago in 2007 I took the time to reflect on my career and some breakthroughs were made during the summer break. This summer holiday I hope to make the same achievements. I do not work as hard as before, but it is not a lazy life I am leading. I still get up early in the morning. A long walk in the little park is the first thing I do every day. Every morning I do some shopping. Also the family home is being renovated this summer. I need to help my family with some chores about the work site. I still follow my learning plans on a day-to-day basis. A nice time.


I hope you lead a balanced life in the pre-college holiday. Good luck.





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