In the past month or so, three people have died tragically in my neighbourhood. It is worth recording their deaths in my blog.


The first death happened at the apartment building before mine. One evening, around 8:30, I was doing the dishes in the kitchen when I was startled by some squabble outside. I was wearing the headset listening to the radio programmes but the commotion was too great.


The noise came from Building Three. I live in Building Four. I went across the middle bedroom to the balcony and peeped out through a crack in the curtains. I found a young woman sitting on a passage window between the first floor and the second floor. With her body balanced on the windowsill, she was arguing with two older women standing some distance from her in the passage.


Immediately I called my wife over to the balcony. We two watched the woman with our heart in the mouth. A moment later, the young woman persuaded the two older women to leave her, by saying that she would come down from the window if they left her alone.


The two older women left. No sooner had they move away than the young one drew her body back into the passage and continued to climb up the stairs. When she reached the window between the fifth floor and the sixth floor, she climbed onto it and perched herself there, the two legs hanging on either side of the wall.


The two women realised they had been fooled and went back up after the younger one. It was too late, though. The younger woman was already sitting up there. In the following quarter, the younger woman was sobbing and crying and the two older ones tried to talk her into giving up the idea.


I went back to the kitchen to continue my washing. A moment later, a cry came from my wife and a “thump” was heard.


I quickly went back to our balcony and found my wife open-mouthed. The young woman had jumped off the window! I looked out and there she was, lying there motionless. A moment later, one of the older women came to the body and touched it. Then she started to howl over the body.


A life was ended.


The next day, I learned from my colleagues that the dead woman was a school worker’s daughter. She was married and her husband treated her coldly. The man was working in another part of the country, leaving the young woman alone with their kid all year round. When the young woman learned that her man had started a relationship with another woman, she decided to end her life.


Poor woman!


The second death happened on the road which I cross daily to have my breakfast in a restaurant. A main road curves around the school campus. Actually the school is next to the road. Near the school gate is a zebra crossing. Pedestrians cross the road by walking on it.


My school is a boarding school. Most of the students live in dorms. But some children’s parents rent a house off campus and the mother or the father stays here with the child and looks after him / her.  The death happens to such a mother.


The mother looks after her daughter in a rented house. One evening, after supper, after the daughter went back to the classroom for evening classes, the mother took a walk around the school and it is thought that the mother was going shopping. She was walking on the pedestrian crossing when a fast-racing car came over and hit her, sending the body off into the air.


The next moment she died on the spot. Many people around saw the scene and they got dumbfounded. The police were called in and the ambulance came over. It turned out that the driver of the car was dead drunk.


When the student got home after her evening lessons, she found the mother missing. Later, someone contacted her and took her to the hospital. She found the mother’s body there. You can imagine what happened later, my reader.


Poor woman!


Opposite my school there is a class restaurant. Its business is booming. Every evening, the park in the front is packed with cars. After the dinner, the cars leave. I ask myself, “Are the drivers drunk? Can they drive?”


The third death happened last week. No one believes it happened but it did. It is a classic example of what we mean by the English proverb, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”


It was a raining evening. A retried teacher’s wife left home for a stroll in the yard. The husband waited at home for her to come back for a TV play. An hour passed. Two hours passed. The woman did not return. The husband got worried and started to look for her in the rain around the neighbourhood.


The search was in vain until they found a black hole somewhere in the yard. There used to be a cover of the sewer at the place. But now the cover was gone and a hole was there instead.


The family got worried. Had the woman fallen into the hole?


Yes, she had. Her body was later found in the hole. Actually the hole was just an opening of a big collection tank of sewage. All the waste water and sewage from the community is collected in the tank through pipes. The woman for no reason at all stepped onto the cover and the cover caved in. She fell in and drowned. What misery she was in when she was struggling, people can only speculate.


Poor woman!


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  1. angela
    May 09, 2009 @ 02:40:15

    Cherish life!


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