Superstition goes that bad things seldom come alone and that once they happen, they will come in a string. It seems that one incident triggers another.


Do you believe it is true? Did you ever have such an experience?


I do not believe in such superstition but what happened to me seems to prove it is right. Let me share with you, my reader.


Everything started with a queer feeling when I got up one morning at the beginning of last month. As I left the bed for the washroom, I felt that something was wrong with me, but I could not tell exactly what it was. The night before, I had left the bedroom window half open for the weather was nice and warm.


Later that afternoon while sitting in the office, I felt a lack of energy. Afternoon is the best time of my work day. With a cup of tea on the desk, I usually concentrate very well on what I am doing. But that afternoon the usual energy was not there and concentration was not as intense.


That evening, a fever came on. While I was doing my daily talking, I found myself making an extra effort. It dawned on me that I had caught the bug. It was the flu.


I was sure that I got infected in the classroom. A lot of students were down with the flu but they continued to attend the lessons in the room. Coughs were often heard and running noses were a common sight.


Teachers have to work daily in the room with their students so it is difficult to stay away from colds and flu. I have been following some strict health routines. I wash my hands after class and I try not to touch my face with a dirty hand. But I cannot stay away from the air. The germs do spread through the air, especially when the windows and doors are shut.


In the following days, a full-blown flu was on. I became weak. Some simple jobs turned harder and I had to exert myself to accomplish them. Walking up and down the stairs took me a longer time. And I could not walk as briskly as I usually do.


A sore throat changed my voice. I sounded like a wolf. For two days, Monday and Tuesday, despite my hoarse voice, I managed to teach in the classroom. Some students said jokingly that my changed voice had some sex appeal.


By Wednesday, the voice had got better but the pain in the body was still persistent. At lunch I took two tablets my wife bought for me in the community clinic. I took the pills twice a day, six of them altogether for three days. They were effective.


Slowly but surely the symptoms went away, first the sore throat, then the fever, followed by the pain in the body. However, it took me about a fortnight for everything to come back to normal.


The Sunday after I got the flu, mother called me on the phone, saying that my aunt, mother’s sis-in-law, was taken ill and fell into a coma. My uncle took him to the town hospital. Docs there could not help. Then they went to the county hospital. Checks there found that my aunt suffered from a brain haemorrhage, but still no doc could help. On the same day, they had to come to the city hospital.


An operation was done on the same day but my aunt was most of the time unconscious. Mother told me to go and visit my aunt and uncle as soon as possible.


At the time I was still suffering from the flu. But on Monday afternoon, my wife and I managed to go to the city hospital and found my uncle sitting there in the corridor outside the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), anxious and worried. We comforted him and chatted with him. In a critical condition, my aunt was being monitored by the docs around the clock in the Intensive Care Unit.


On the way home from the hospital on the bus, I had a hunch that probably this would be a very difficult period for my family. Would more unfortunate things come about?


Definitely. My flu jumped to my daughter. She started to develop all the symptoms I had. My wife had her put on a drip in the community clinic and she even missed school for one day. My wife was the last to get the bug, but her symptoms were different. She coughed a lot.


We three fell sick one after another. One evening, when I plugged in the home computer and pressed the button, I found the Windows XP operating system failed to start. I tried to start the computer in the following days, and I failed.


At a time like this, everything seems to go against you. I told myself to hold on and try my best to get everything under control. I gave up doing some jobs that I could no longer cope with and did what was absolutely essential.


I prayed that things would look up sooner. But it took time. Slowly and surely everything was returning to normal.


My flu is gone. My daughter is as lively as before. My wife has stopped coughing. A new version of the Windows XP operating system has been installed on the computer and the donkey is up and running once again.


I have paid a visit to my aunt every week. The first week I was there she was unconscious. The second week her eyes opened. The third week, I talked with her and she gave right responses to my questions. Yesterday she was released from the ward and aunt and uncle left the city for home.


Thank Goodness. This crisis is finally over. Life has come back to normal. I don’t subscribe to the superstition that one bad thing kicks off another, but when one thing goes wrong, we do feel that more things are going to malfunction or fail.


After this difficult time, I appreciate the value of good health even more. Good health, regular life, a fulfilling job and a happy family are what it takes to enjoy a GOOD existence.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sunrain
    Apr 30, 2009 @ 01:30:53

    Long time no see,my dear friend.Good luck to you and your family!


  2. abby
    May 01, 2009 @ 11:18:24

    It’s my honor to be here,such a beautiful garden!My best wishes go to you and youR happy family!


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